VERNELFRESH Vernel Fresh Morning Concentrated Fabric Softener 900ML


  • SKU: vernelfresh
Product DescriptionFabric softener which not only makes the laundry soft, but gives it a long-lasting pleasant fragrance. Vernel offers a broad range of fragrances, from flowery as in Wild Rose to freshness as in Day at the Sea to Aroma Therapy fragrances with essential oils. Vernel pampers you and your laundry with softness and fascinating fragrances. Vernel – The small luxury I treat myself to. - Fascinating fragrance experiences - Dreamy freshness - Skin sensitive - Aroma Therapy Our leading fabric softener that cares for the fibers and comes in various fragrances. Vernel is the mood enhancing fabric softener that soothes the senses. Vernel makes clothes easy to iron and gives long lasting fragrance that leaves clothes smelling fresh even if they were dried/hung indoors. A touch of Vernel for an especially fragrant and soft experience pampers you with a unique feel-good experience. For almost four decades the Vernel brand has stood for dreamily soft laundry and fascinating fragrance experiences.
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