Pril-Lemon Dish Liquid Gel (500mL)


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Product DescriptionLemon Fragrance Germany's # 1 liquid dish detergent Washes all household dishes made of plastics, steel, silver, wood as well as kitchen appliances. It cleans all washable surfaces. Pril Original dissolves in water immediately and has outstanding wetting behaviour. It emulsifies fat and food remnants. This means that these particles remain in the dishwasher and do not redeposit in the dishes. The lemon fragrance covers unpleasant odours, therefore dishes come out without smell and taste neutral. The even coverage of the dishes with a very thin, fast drying water film ensures that when the dishes are positioned vertically they will dry by themselves very fast. No wiping is necessary. This not only saves labour but also guarantees maximum hygiene. Use one dose, about one teaspoon (4ml) in 5 liters of water, or use for genereal cleaning 8 to 10ml of Pril in 5 liters of water. To remove heavy dirt use Pril without dilution and clean water.
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